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Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home

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Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home


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Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home
61 Myrtle St
Worcester, MA 01608

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Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home


Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home is a life celebration funeral home. As an alternative to the formal services offered in a funeral or memorial, a life celebration is more casual. You can customize the program to your liking with a theme, hobby displays, and open-mic memory sharing. Also, play the favorite music of the deceased and a video of the highlights of their life. No matter which format of end-of-life services you choose, the funeral planning team will work to make it unique and memorable. The funeral home works with families from all faiths and backgrounds. Their compassion and sensitivity will leave you feeling stress-free during the funeral planning process.

Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home offers funeral and cremation services. When you choose direct cremation, you do not need to worry about the expenses of planning a service. Instead, many families gather in an intimate setting to scatter the ashes and share words about the deceased. Cremation with a memorial ceremony is commonly practiced as well, scheduling the memorial service for any time after the cremation has been performed. Full funeral services are available, including a wake or viewing before the funeral and a graveside service at the burial site.

As you are planning your funeral or memorial service, you may have questions about the impact of burial on the environment. The funeral home offers green burial options such as an alternative to embalming, eco-friendly grave liners, and more. In addition, your fallen hero that requires military honors or veteran services can be taken care of by our funeral planning team. The family-owned funeral home will always accommodate any requests to honor your loved one.

Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home has been serving Worcester, West Boylston, Auburn, Shrewsbury, Boylston, Holden, Sterling, Leicester, Paxton, and Princeton for over 150 years. They take pride in being a part of the community and offering a trusted funeral provider to anyone who experiences a death of a loved one.

You can ask about pre-planning services for a funeral that is far in the future. Or, if you have just learned of a death, let Callahan Fay Caswell Funeral Home be your first call. They can help transport the body and get started on funeral planning immediately. The funeral home is located at 61 Myrtle St Worcester, MA 01608. Call (508) 755-1500 to set up an appointment with the team.


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